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October 10, 2013
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LC 2nd: Deryn Ignatii by somnilla LC 2nd: Deryn Ignatii by somnilla

If you want to RP with her or Ignatii, send me a Note on dA, add on Skype, or poke me in the chatrooms. o v o/

- - -

Name: Deryn Ignatii
Gender: Female
Age: 288
Race: Devil Forsaken
Height: 5 ft. 6 in. without heels | 5 ft. 8 in. with heels
Weight: 155 lbs.


[Acrobatic] - Deryn exhibits amazing flexibility and speed. Not very proficient in protection spells, she has trained herself to be able to dodge attacks more often than using magic. Even in heels, she is capable of performing an assortment of flips and rolls if it means avoiding damage.

[Martial Artist (Weapons)] - In life, Deryn was moderately skilled in close combat, particularly in fighting with pole weapons. Specifically, she studied how to fight with a regular staff, a spear, and a scythe to accommodate her few lessons in magic. She’s picked up how to fight with a war hammer as well, but is very clumsy with it and only uses it if she’s absolutely sure she can hit her opponent with it. She significantly improved these skills in her time as a Ghoul, now unrestrained by physical pain.

:new: The war has given her plenty of opportunities to try out new one-handed weapons (mostly from stealing them from her enemies on the battlefield when they died). She’s not the best in these new forms, but she’s experimenting and enjoying bashing in uncooperative prisoners’ heads in the process.


[Family Bloodline] - She shares the same blood with her younger half-brother, Ignatii, but inherited just the tougher skin ability. The strength of her skin is not as tough as her ancestors. A blade can still cut her, but it’s very unlikely to go as deep as intended. Once you’re through the skin, however, the flesh beneath is just as vulnerable as any other.

[Undead Body] - Deryn died by freezing, and her body is still regenerating at an extremely slow pace. A frustrating issue with her master, Deryn’s nervous system can’t seem to heal properly. Therefore, she feels no pain when in battle. While it ensures she is not hindered by physical pain, she can also get careless, leaving her wondering things like, “When did these arrows get stuck through my arm?” Another side effect of an undead body is that she is cold to the touch, and her skin still retains a slight blue tint from the frostbite. She also doesn’t need to breathe.

:new: [Shadow Insides] – Part of the process of being corrupted included shadows replacing her internal organs and inhabiting her body. The ones in her stomach can function like regular organs, while the others in the rest of her body add protection. If she is cut, they instinctively patch up the wound from the inside to keep her from bleeding. If a bone is broken, they can snap it back in place until it’s fully recovered. But they can only protect so much for so long. The more her wounds add up (also depending on how deep they are) and the longer they remain, the harder it is for the shadows to keep them closed. This is NOT a proper way to heal; just a temporary bandage that is still somewhat susceptible to infection until she finds proper care.

:new: [True Wraith Form] – In this form, the shadows are released from her back, stomach, and joints (shoulders, elbows, knees). Those at her joints allow her to extend her reach by three feet maximum at each break, and what comes from her back can be used to lift her off the ground by five feet. Those from her stomach don't extend as far, but they can cut and stab whoever gets close enough to her. The shadows are tougher, but not impossible to cut. They collect around her hands, feet, and face to add monstrous claws and teeth as well, and some even become visible through her veins. When she reverts to her normal form, they are capable of keeping her limbs together and working as though they were never split apart. She has scars where they break.

(Picture of her True Wraith Form will come later.)


Tier 2 Magic | Arcanist

Because of her limited tutelage, Deryn only uses these spells to enhance her fighting techniques rather than exclusively using magic for defense.

[Water Control] - Using the runes written on the whole of her weapon, she can manipulate about a bucket’s worth of water for several seconds. The amount of runes makes this amount easier to control; anything more than that takes more time and concentration, and strains her greatly. This spell is mainly employed to shape the various blades she uses as weapons and splashing people. She likes to use water in its original form to distract or prank someone, or simply as practice.

[Water Extraction] - The amount of runes on her weapon are there also to be able to collect water from mists and snow, in case she is without water. With the amount of water she needs to create a decent weapon, this spell is efficient ONLY in a thick fog or in winter. If she uses this during a clear day with the sun out, she’s not going to get much, if at all. 

[Freeze] - After shaping the blade out of water, Deryn will freeze it and make the edge sharp. The runes for this spell are written along the tip and one side of the knife end of her weapon. For her to be able to freeze something, it has to be touching the part where the runes are written. So it’s not like she can freeze someone solid from a distance or freeze a person’s bloodstream just by looking at him. She has to stab them first, and even then, the target will be moving. If she manages to strike someone, she’d probably be able to just send a sharp chill through him or her, not freeze from the inside out. With this spell, she prefers to make a spear, scythe, or javelin out of her staff. (She’ll only make the javelin if she knows she can hit something and kill it in one throw. We don’t want a deer running away with her staff now, do we?) She can also melt the ice back into water to form a new weapon.

:new: The smaller handle allows her to make a wider range of blades. With varying amounts of water, time, and focus, she can create a short sword, longsword, war axe, mace, flail, small hammer, and even her preferred pole arms (though now they take longer to craft and are a bit heavier with the ice).

[Earth Control] - This is probably the most rare spell she uses because earth is heavy and stubborn to her, therefore draining much more energy than usual. Using the written runes intertwined with the water runes, she can make a block quickly rise underneath her, propelling her into any direction she chooses. She’s only willing to use this two or three times in a battle. Again, the earth must be touching where the runes are, so she has to stab her weapon into the ground.

:new: She can also use this spell to make tough, blunt weapons, but they can’t be very big in size due to her poor control of the earth. She can make a small hammer and a mace with this, though she probably won’t use earth as much for the aforementioned reasons.

Tier 2 Magic | Necromancy
As a faithful undead and Ghoul of Xaphan, Deryn dreams of becoming a Necromancer one day. Her master is dying, so she is using this opportunity to take his place and carry on his name. For now, she knows only one spell as she is still considered a slave and her master is in no shape to teach her himself.

[Drain] - If Deryn can kill a lesser being, like a rabbit or a fox, she can use its life force to regenerate some of her injuries. Unfortunately, she cannot drain the life force of anything bigger than small animals. The runes for this are scratched into the blade at the end by her hand.


:new: [Enchanted Waterskin] - The large waterskin behind her back was stolen from The Aeon Armory, Ignatii’s shop in God’s Reach. Made for big monstrous travelers, it holds about two gallons of water (about 17 pounds) and has two enchantments: added durability and light weight. It can withstand up to a few medium blows and one heavy at most. Constant attacks make it much easier to damage and more likely to get holes. The weight enchantment cuts its heaviness by 12 pounds; so if it were full, it’d weigh 5 pounds, and even lighter depending on how much water is inside.

Faction: Wraithwalkers (formerly Xaphan)
Occupation: Dark Hand (former Ghoul)


[Merry] – Spoils of the recent war, also stolen from The Aeon Armory in God’s Reach. It is etched from top to bottom in hidden runes for ice and earth spells and can be used as its own weapon even without magic. She named it “Merry” because her favorite weapon to craft out of it is an icy flail in the shape of a spiked, laughing head.

[Long Dagger] – Her secondary weapon, which can also be used for dual wielding with Merry, though that fighting style isn’t preferred.

[Hidden Daggers] – Should she ever find herself disarmed, she has two separate daggers strapped to either thigh under her skirt. These do not have runes on them.    

Character History:

Deryn was born to the 659th generation of Devils. Born to a peasant woman in God’s Reach, her father, the remaining head of the Ignatii family line, left her mother when she was still a baby. Not being the new Deep One, he severed all ties from them. Her mother was unable to keep up with the competition in God’s Reach, so they both left the city and started a new life in a small village. For their insane obsession with finding the new Deep One, Deryn scorned the Devils of God’s Reach, and sawed off her horns to show her contempt. Her mother was horrified, but she couldn’t do anything except call the local doctor.

She lived a fairly peaceful life, growing up and learning to be disciplined and helpful to her mother. Deryn learned all the magic she knows (besides Necromancy) from her mother, and learned fighting from the hunters and traveling warriors who passed by her village. She definitely wasn’t the best, but she learned what she could to defend her loved ones.

But one day, a snowstorm hit the village. Over the course of a few days, the small town was overrun by ice and snow. The blizzards were so furious that no one dared step outside. Deryn and her mother suspected it was magic, since this was such uncharacteristic weather, but neither were strong enough to do anything about it. They decided to wait it out… But eventually, their houses gave in. All the villagers who didn’t die by the debris simply froze to death, unable to get themselves out of the rubble. Deryn was one of them.

When she awoke, she was mindless and blank. All she saw was the face of her new master, a young Necromancer in training. Four other Necromancers stood with him; they were the cause of the snowstorm, combining their efforts to kill all the villagers in one fell swoop. Apparently, Deryn was his first successful raised undead. She immediately became his favorite.

For over 200 years, she lived life as a Ghoul of Xaphan. And throughout those years, her master tested his Necromancy spells on her, trying to make her more sentient than just a boring puppet, and restore her body back to health. This amount of care was shown only from her mother, and with his amount of experiments came an alteration in her mind. She became extremely dependent on her master, calling him and the rest of his servants her family. Deryn completely forgot about her mother. She wanted only to protect her current family and serve whatever purposes he planned for her. If she were freed from his control, she would’ve continued her loyalty to him.

Now, however, he is dying. Heartbroken and knowing he will be gone soon despite her efforts, her dependence and obsession with family became more twisted than it already was. Now Deryn wants to take his place as the head of their household, since he never had any descendants. She will continue his work to restore their Lord for the Xaphan Empire. And when she becomes a Necromancer, she will create a new family, and her first Ghoul will be her younger half-brother, Ignatii.

Deryn’s master has passed on, therefore freeing her and any ghouls under his service. She was targeted and corrupted by Dominic soon after and now has a place in his castle as one of his Dark Hands. She has a bite and black veins running around her right hand as proof. Although she is "loyal" Dominic at the moment, she will fight for any new Black King she finds worthy of her service.

:new: She remains as a Dark Hand under the service of the new Black King Claudia.


Protective | Loyal | Deceiving | Determined | Carefree | Erratic

Because her master constantly changed the Necromancy spells he used to restore her mind, her personality is quite unpredictable. She often switches between being childish and mischievous, or being mature and elegant (more so the first). Deryn is not completely insane; she’s just subject to change moods on a whim every now and then. Her more consistent traits are her loyalty to any Wraithwalker and Xaphanian she likes. Anyone else, she treats like children until proven otherwise. She exerts much more caution around faction leaders; she knows when she can’t win a fight. But if she gets angry, she won’t give a damn anymore and charge headfirst at them.

Around anyone she considers family, she’s extremely protective of; she is especially protective of Ignatii. Deryn treats him like an infant and gets extremely giddy when she sees him. But don’t mistake her happiness for a normal brother-sister relationship. She’s only this caring because she’s excited for when she learns Necromancy and makes him her first Ghoul, or otherwise corrupt him into a Wraith. If she takes a liking to anyone else, she’ll probably intend to do the same.


+ Anyone she considers family

+ Her half-brother, Ignatii

+ Practicing fighting

+ Killing anyone who would harm her and those she likes

+ Exploring

+ Interesting people/People she thinks would make great Ghouls or Wraiths



- Ordo Exorcista (she will kill on sight)

- Guardians of Silence (same as above)

- Pretty much anyone who targets her

- Anyone who Ignatii fancies more than her (which is a lot of people)

- Devils and their goddamn Deep One

- Boring people

- Her name is pronounced DARE-rin ig-NAH-tee
- First thing you need to know about her is that her master liked testing her capabilities. He ordered her to take many lives, and she did. Over 200 years worth of fighting tough opponents for the sake of cursing them has made her an extremely dangerous and disciplined warrior. If you want to beat her, try playing on her emotions.
- If she finds a weakness of yours, you better believe she’ll exploit it. She doesn’t mind playing dirty.
- Even if she doesn’t hold a grudge on her family anymore, Deryn still thinks their search for the Deep One is ridiculous and that they’ll never find him.
- The tapestry-like apron-thing she wears on her dress isn’t decorative for nothing. The five symbols are five eyes, representing each member of her master’s family, all Xaphanian Necromancers. Her master is the last one, however.

- Her bleeding eye necklace is the symbol for her master, specifically. The fact that she wears it means that she is the head Ghoul in his collection, so she passes on his orders to the more brainless ones and has the freedom to boss them around to get the job done. Deryn keeps this necklace safe at the castle as a memento.

- Deryn knows the locations of most of her other half-siblings, but mainly targets Ignatii since he is the most successful one out of them all. Also, she feels an older sisterly obligation to protect him in life and after death (when he dies).
- She likes calling Ignatii her “baby brother.” They’re both actually the two youngest children of the Ignatii family line, so he’s the only baby brother she has.
- She’ll never admit it, but she’s not quite at a point where she can kill Ignatii without being nearly killed herself. While she trumps her baby brother in fighting, he completely outmatches her in magic, and she didn’t inherit the fire resistance ability.
- Even Deryn doesn’t know Ignatii’s real name. He’s pretty good at hiding that.
- All the feathers on her outfit were plucked off of Nathaniel Borogrove.

- - -

Deryn Ignatii (c) :iconsomnilla:
Ludus Chaos (c) :iconneonbluh:
Faction logos (c) :iconkei-renzo:
App sheet (c) :iconmrakobulka:
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